New TYA play under construction!

WE NOW KNOW: The Complete History of Science is under construction!

Writers Peter Carlone and Ryan Gladstone have been hard at work, periodically, for almost 4 years. It turns out that converting complex scientific material into entertaining, clear, fun material for young audiences isn’t as easy as it might sound. But “sciencing to do they did!” and with the script finally complete, we are ready to launch into production development.

Thanks to generous support from both the BC Arts Council and the City of Vancouver, we’ve been able to conduct a series of workshops to test out the material.

WE NOW KNOW is jam packed, like protons in a nucleus, with projections. While co-writer Peter will be handling a lot of the animations, local artist Nima Gholami. He has begun the process of creating original art assets for the hundreds of individual projections. Here’s a short bio so you can get to know him!

Nima Gholamipour is an Iranian-Canadian artist, animator, comedian and film maker living and working in Vancouver British Columbia. He is currently working as a part time artist at a mobile game studio and can be seen regularly performing improv and sketch comedy at various underground comedy shows in the city. One of his favorite scientists is Stephen Hawking.



Now Available for Booking

Monster Theatre always has a wealth of productions at the ready, often touring several productions at once to meet all the needs, hopes, and desires of your audiences. (Or at least make them laugh. A lot.)

In addition to our brand new holiday spectacular, A Christmas Carol, here are our top touring shows, currently on the road, ready to dazzle your community or school!

Watch the short videos or click the title of each production for more information.

The Shakespeare Show, or; How an illiterate Son of a Glover Became the Greatest Playwright in the World

General Audience

Full 70 min version for your Theatre, Secondary School version available

For booking inquiries, contact Kevin Bruce Artist Management.

Mini Masterpieces

Monster Theatre For Kids- ages 5+

45 or 60 minute version for your Theatre or Elementary School

For booking inquiries, contact Kevin Bruce Artist Management.

Lavinia: A Modern Fairy Tale of Gigantic Proportions

Monster Theatre for Kids- ages 5+

A 60 minute production for Family Audiences

For booking inquiries, contact Tara Travis, Artistic Producer.

Available in 2013/14

Houdini’s Last Escape

General Audience

70 minute production

For booking inquiries, contact Tara Travis, Artistic Producer.


Plays For Sale!

Most of Monster Theatre’s plays are available to Presenters to bring in our seasoned production to your theatre or community.  But, did you know, that many of our scripts are available for purchase so that you can do your own production!  Email Ryan Gladstone ( for inquiries.

Shows with available Scripts –

Mini Masterpieces (consists of numerous adaptations of classics – ages 5+)

The Canada Show: The Complete History of Canada in One Hour

The Big Rock Show: The Complete History of the World

The Shakespeare Show: Or, how an illiterate son of a Glover Became the Greatest Playwright in the World

Jesus Christ: The Lost Years

Napoleon’s Secret Diary

Freud vs. His Ego