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Founded in 2000 Monster Theatre creates original plays that challenge preconceptions, excite imaginations and embody the way of the Monster: strange, twisted and bizarre on the outside, but always with a noble heart. Monster Theatre produces work that engages the hearts, brains and guts of all audiences; comedies that excite intellectuals, histories that shock teenagers, and theatre for young audiences that makes adults roll on the floor laughing.

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Playing in Orlando, Florida May 15-25 at the Orlando International Fringe Festival.


“Monster Theatre is money in the bank. Don’t miss out on this sure to sell-out gem!” ★★★★★        -CBC

“Juliet: A Revenge Comedy is an example of the new heights that can be achieved when we
rethink tropes as old as time.” ★★★★★ – Winnipeg Free Press

What if Juliet doesn’t kill herself?

Stuck in an endless loop of turning a dagger on herself, Juliet (played by Lili Beaudoin) tears herself from the fabric of her tragedy in search of a reason for her untimely demise. Juliet recruits a team of the Bard’s most famous female characters (all played by Jessie Award-winner Carly Pokoradi). Together, they embark on an uproarious adventure through the canon, pursued by Shakespeare himself (played by Ryan Gladstone).

Can they alter their fate, or are they doomed to play out the same tragic tales for eternity?


Starring Lili Beaudoin as Juliet

Ryan Gladstone as Shakespeare

and Carly Pokoradi as EVERYONE ELSE!

Costume Design by Nita Bowerman, Original Score by Drew Jurecka, Lighting Design by Jude Weismiller, Set Design by Alexandra Caprara, Stage Management by Jon Paterson

Directed by Ryan Gladstone

Written by Pippa Mackie and Ryan Gladstone

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Find it HERE.

Season One is a radio play version of Who Killed Gertrude Crump?

Available anywhere you get your podcasts!

Season Two is being edited as you read! Stay tuned!

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Our  environmental, sci-fi adventure Crisis on Planet Z! tour is complete. Thanks to everyone that made this show such a success!

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