Board of Directors

Nigel Brooke – President

Nigel brings both a deep love of theatre as well as solid business experience to the Monster board. He has been part of the world of theatre from a very young age, beginning with a critically-acclaimed turn as “Tree” and “Candy Cane” in “Hansel and Gretel” at age five. More recently, his is one of the founders of “Shadows and Dreams”. a theatre ensemble with a focus on Shakespeare, for which he frequently produces, directs and performs. He is also the resident lighting designer for the Royal Canadian Theatre Company, having worked on dozens of their farces and traditional British pantomimes over the years. Outside the world of theatre, he is the co-owner and CTO of Vancouver-based software developer Steamclock Software.

John Schuett

John has been helping out the Monsters for more than 10 years, including writing a companion video games for several shows such as Houdini’s Last Escape, Jesus Christ: Zombie Slayer and Freud 4000.  He is currently a member of the Board of Directors, and resides in California.

Amy Shostak

Amy is a theatre artist, specializing in improvisation living in Vancouver, BC. She teaches with Blind Tiger Comedy and Instant Theatre, and performs with Vancouver Theatresports League.

Kaen Seguin

When not feeling extremely honoured (and let’s be honest, giddy) for being invited to join the Monster Board (“they like me, they really like me!”), Kaen spends her time festivaling: working (“anything they’ll pay me to do”), listening, watching, and playing. And basically always having a stupendously spectacular amazing time doing it. Kaen is very definitely #blessed.

Karen Hamm – Treasurer

Dani Bryant