Mini Masterpieces

Mini Masterpieces are short, funny, accessible adaptations of Classics of Literature to help get kids excited about reading!

Using puppetry, masks, improv, original songs, physical comedy, satire good old-fashioned storytelling, we will expose young audiences to classics of literature from around the World!

Each performance consists of three classics of literature miniaturized into 15 minute adaptations with puppets, songs, masks, dance, satire, physical theatre, and audience participation.

Featuring bookish Bruce and clownish Tara, we present the stories in a way that gets kids excited to dive into books themselves, and perhaps even to try and adapt their favourite books into their own Mini Masterpieces…Monster Theatre style!


“We loved the performance!  Tara and Bruce were phenomenal!!  The kids laughed the entire performance, as did the adults.  As a reading school we truly appreciated the focus on books. Tremendous acting and I would have no doubt recommend them to my colleagues.” -North Otter Elementary


Written by Ryan Gladstone and Tara Travis

Directed by Ryan Gladstone

With Bruce Horak & Tara Travis


First Created in 2008

Toured in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014



This project marked the beginning of Tara and Ryan’s fruitful collaboration. The concept came from our then agent Kevin Bruce. When we started these short plays, we were creating 6 original pieces and let presenters choose 3 for each performance. Eventually, we got it down to the best three each year and sent those on the road.