No Tweed Too Tight

Another Grant Canyon Mystery!

Winner of the BCTC Most Promising Touring Act Award.

No Tweed Too Tight is a fast-paced, raunchy, one man physical theatre comedy with enough twists and turns to keep you as confused as it’s hero Grant Canyon!

The year is 1981. Grant Canyon is a perpetually inebriated insurance investigator. In his few coherent moments he leaves a wake of dead bodies, satisfied ladies, and empty bottles as he staggers toward a shocking and fiery conclusion.

When Grant Canyon is on the case, the world is a dangerous place!

“An explosive drop-kick to the head!” ★★★★1/2 -Edmonton Sun

“A high-octane romp!” ★★★★1/2 -Winnipeg Free Press

Written by Ryan Gladstone with Bruce Horak

Directed by Bruce Horak

Starring Ryan Gladstone

Original Score by Drew Jurecka and Robbie Grunwald

Fight Choreography by Kevin Kruchkywich

In 2003, while researching and writing The Big Rock Show: The Complete History of the World, Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak (creator/performer of last year’s hit This Is Cancer) locked themselves in a cabin in the Kootenay mountains near Invermere, BC for three months.  They wrote a weekly improvised detective serial called ‘No Tweed Too Tight’.  Each week they would read over what had come before, and then try and get their hero into even more trouble.  Never planning how the thing might wrap up, they stumbled upon a fantastic surprise ending that they kept intact for the long-delayed stage version.

Playing 2019 at the

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Venue 14 – Kings Head Pub

Wed July 17 8pm
Fri July 19 6pm
Sat July 20 8pm
Sun July 21 8pm
Mon July 22 6pm
Tue July 23 8pm
Thu July 25 8pm
Fri July 26 10pm
Sat July 27 6pm
Sun July 28 4pm

and the Edmonton Fringe Festival

Venue – La Cite Auditorium


First created in 2012

Toured 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016