The History of the Future

The History of the Future premiered at One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo.

Featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Time Machines and Brains in Jars!  After Ryan, Jeff and Bruce reveal that Monster Theatre was only their way to fund their true dream of being scientists – the boys unveil their time machine.  Once activated, everything goes horribly wrong Ryan is sent to a Future where Monster Theatre is worshipped like Gods, Bruce gets chased by aliens and ends up as a brain in a jar, while Jeff is transported directly to the apocalypse!

“You guys are the weirdest!” -Michael Green, One Yellow Rabbit


Written by Ryan Gladstone, Jeff Gladstone, Bruce Horak

Directed by Mark Chavez

Featuring Bruce Horak, Jeff Gladstone, Ryan Gladstone

Lighting and Set Design by Geoff Bouckley


First Created in 2007

Toured in 2007



Future, tragically, has only ever been performed three times!  We are all dying for the opportunity to put it back together and remount it somewhere.  Once again, research was key – we divided it into three elements, Ryan researched the near future, Bruce researched Science Fiction and Jeff researched the spiritual aspect of the future – and what we came up with, was weirder than anyone could have predicted!

We are dying to remount this show!  Somewhere, somehow, somewhy – The History of the Future will live again!