Jesus Christ: The Lost Years

Ever wonder what Jesus was really up between the ages 13 and 30?  Or how Jesus reacted when told – “Joseph isn’t your real father!”  Find out in Monster Theatre’s latest

“historically hilarious” extravaganza!  Puppets!  Masks!  Songs!  Sacrilege!

“…let’s just say that comic acting – in the Fringe or anywhere else – doesn’t get better than this. NNNNN” – NOW Magazine

“Not only one of the most deft pieces of physical comedy I have ever seen – it is as subtle as it is funny, and as literate as it is energetic and frantic!”

★★★★★ -SEE Magazine

“Nothing short of a Comic Miracle” -National Post

JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years


This incarnation of the show will be making its Vancouver debut March 12-23 2019 at the Havana Theatre. More details coming soon!


Written by Ryan Gladstone, Bruce Horak and Katherine Sanders

Directed by Ryan Gladstone

Featuring Alex Gullason and Carly Pokoradi

Original Score by Drew Jurecka

First Created in 2006

Toured in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2018