Audition Notice for JULIET: A REVENGE COMEDY summer tour

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Audition Notice for JULIET: A REVENGE COMEDY summer tour

We are holding auditions for a short Fringe tour this summer of Juliet: A Revenge Comedy. We are looking for someone to play the role of Juliet.


Production: Juliet: A Revenge Comedy by Pippa Mackie and Ryan Gladstone

Audition Day: Sunday March 1

Location: Winnipeg Fringe Festival July 15-26 and Edmonton Fringe Festival August 12-23

Rehearsals: June 2020

Submissions: Email Ryan Gladstone at with the heading “Juliet auditions”

Company: Monster Theatre – 

Role: Juliet

Contract: Fringe style profit share

If you have any questions, or to get access to a video of the play please contact Ryan Gladstone at 

We encourage submissions from diverse artists of all backgrounds, regardless of race, colour, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

About the play: 

What if Juliet didn’t kill herself? 

JULIET: A Revenge Comedy is a fast-paced, action adventure comedy that follows Juliet on the literary adventure a lifetime. Juliet, a feisty 13 year old is stuck in the repetition of the world most famous famous love story. Juliet tears herself from the narrative, determined to find a way to live her own life. Wandering through the canon of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, she encounters other renowned female characters and recruits a team of kick-ass women to confront Shakespeare himself. 

5 Stars ‘CBC Manitoba’

“Mind bending comedic confection” – CBC Manitoba