Assassinating Thomson at the Firehall Arts Centre Oct 8-19

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Assassinating Thomson at the Firehall Arts Centre Oct 8-19

We’re thrilled to announce that Bruce Horak’s award-winning Assassinating Thomson is making its Vancouver premiere in partnership with the Firehall Arts Centre.

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Assassinating Thomson

October 8th – 19th

Monster Theatre production in association with the Firehall Arts Centre.

Written and performed by Bruce Horak. Directed by Ryan Gladstone

Tue – Fri: 8pm, Sat: 5pm & 9pm, Wed: 1pm (PWYC), Sun: 2pm
Tue Oct 8 Half price preview!

Having just completed a massively successful cross-Canada tour, Bruce Horak will be performing his award-winning work: Assassinating Thomson at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver, presented by Vancouver’s Monster Theatre.
Assassinating Thomson presents the story of how Bruce Horak became a Visually-Impaired Visual Artist.  Horak masterfully tells this tale while simultaneously painting a portrait of the audience: LIVE!

Intertwined with this fascinating and heart-warming tale is the story of Tom Thomson, who died mysteriously in 1917 and inspired generations of Canadian artists.  His influence and spirit thread their way through this completely unconventional theatrical experience.

“A Canadian Masterpiece”
“Genius Level Storytelling”
“Comedic timing to set your Atomic Clock By”
“I’ve never seen through the eyes of a blind man, but I may never get closer”
“You’ll never look at a work of Canadian Art the same way again”


 Assassinating Thomson will be accompanied by an installation of Bruce’s artwork: “The Way I See It” –  a collection of Portraits and Landscapes which attempt to capture the vision of a legally blind artist.