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The Canada Show available for booking Fall 2018

Monster Theatre’s biggest hit The Canada Show is planning a fall tour in Western Canada! For bookings contact


Who Killed Gertrude Crump? at the Vancouver International Puppet Festival

Agatha Christie Returns from the Dead to perform a Puppet Show.

Feb 13-18 @ Performance Works

Tickets here!

It’s New Year’s Eve 1899. One by one, an enigmatic cast of characters arrive by boat to the haunting and isolated Monkswell Manor. That night, famous murder mystery author Gertrude Crump is murdered… mysteriously! No one can leave until the truth is uncovered.

As the characters investigate, accuse, suspect, confess, plot, flash-back and engage in general hubbub, the audience is charged with the task of answering one simple question: Who Killed Gertrude Crump?

“…the most impressive acting feat in the festival!” ★★★★★-Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

“A standing ovation followed Travis’ tour-de-force performance.”- ★★★★★ London Free Press


Hockey Night at the Puck & Pickle Pub is back!

HOCKEYNIGHT_TITLE_BADGEFour years after one of the most theatrical, hilarious, gong-show opening nights in Fringe history, the boys are back at the Puck & Pickle pub. This time the Canadians are facing off against the Americans in the Olympic gold medal game.

Winnipeg International Fringe Festival

Venue 14- Kings Head PubHOCKEY_Ryan Gladstone_Jon Paterson2

120 King St

Wed, July 19 @ 6:30pm
Thu, July 20 @ 8:45pm
Fri, July 21 @ 6pm
Sat, July 22 @ 8:15pm
Sun, July 23 @ 6:30pm
Mon, July 24 @ 8:45pm
Tues, July 25 @ 6:30pm
Wed, July 26 @ 8:45pm
Thurs, July 27 @ 6:30pm
Fri, July 28 @ 8:15pm
Sat, July 29 @ 6pm

Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Venue 37 – La Cite Francophone – Suzanne Thibodeau Auditorium – 8627 91 St

HOCKEY_Ryan Gladstone_Jon Paterson3Fri, Aug 18 @ 5:15pm
Sat, Aug 19 @ 10:30pm
Sun, Aug 20 @ 7pm
Mon, Aug 21 @ 8:45pm
Tues, Aug 22 @ 12pm noon
Wed, Aug 23 @ 1:45pm
Thurs, Aug 24 @ 8:45pm
Fri, Aug 25 @ 11:59pm midnight
Sun, Aug 27 @ 3:30pm

THE CANADA heads out on the Fringe!

CANADA_SHOW_MOUNTAIN_PIC_RGB_WEBThe Canada Show first Fringed in 2001 in Winnipeg, and it’s heading back! Get your tickets early, this all-ages crowd pleaser is sure to sell out!

Winnipeg International Fringe Festival

Venue 1 – John Hirsch MainstageCANADA_SHOW_TITLE_TRANSPARENCY copy

174 Market Ave. | Enter from back alley

Wed July 19 10:15pm
Fri July 21 3:45pm
Sat July 22 9:00pm
Tue July 25 5:45pm
Wed July 26 5:00pm
Thu July 27 1:45pm
Fri July 28 7:30pm
Sat July 29 3:30pm


Rundle Memorial United

Fri, Aug 4 @ 11:30am

20170602_0089Calgary Fringe Festival

INKubator Theatre – Eau Claire Market

200 Barclay Parade SW #202

Sat, Aug 5 @ 6:30pm
Sun, Aug 6 @ 1:30pm
Mon, Aug 7 @ 6:30pm
Tues, Aug 8 @ 6:30pm
Thurs, Aug 10 @ 8:30pm
Sat, Aug 12 @ 3:30pm

Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Venue 2 – Backstage TheatreCANADA_SHOW_GUITAR_PIC_RGB_WEB

10330 84th Ave

Fri, Aug 18 @ 7:45pm
Sun, Aug 20 @ 12pm Noon
Mon, Aug 21 @ 3:30pm
Tues, Aug 22 @ 5:45pm
Wed, Aug 23 @ 2pm
Fri, Aug 25 @ 5:15pm

The Canada Show Tours This Summer!

The Canada Show (The Complete History of Canada in One Hour)

2017 Tour Schedule


Monday, May 29 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Children’s Festival – 10:30amCANADA_SHOW_11x17POSTER_2017

Tuesday, May 30 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Children’s Festival – 12:30pm

Wednesday, May 31 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Children’s Festival – 10:30am

Wednesday, May 31 – Vancouver, BC – TheatreWire – 8:00pm

Thursday, June 1 – Vancouver, BC – TheatreWire – 8:00pm

Friday, June 2 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Children’s Festival – 12:30pm

Friday, June 2 – Vancouver, BC – TheatreWire – 8:00pm

Saturday, June 3 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Children’s Festival – 10:30am

Tuesday, June 6 – Saskatoon, BC – Saskatoon K=Kids Festival – 9:45am

Tuesday, June 6 – Saskatoon, BC – Saskatoon K=Kids Festival – 12:30pm

Thursday, June 29 – Coquitlam, BC – Evergreen Cultural Centre – 7:30pm

July 19-30 – Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Fringe Festival

August 4-12 – Calgary, AB – Calgary Fringe Festival

August 17-27 – Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Fringe Festival

Saturday, October 21 – Chilliwack, BC – Chilliwack Arts Centre – 7:30pm

Sunday, October 22 – Surrey, BC, Surrey Arts Centre – 2:00pm





We’re On the Road!

Monster Theatre 2017 Touring Schedule



Saturday, March 11 -2pm  Key City Theatre, Cranbrook, BC

Sunday, March 12 -2pm  Capitol Theatre, Nelson, BCMIDSUMMER_PUBLICITY-Web

Saturday, March 25 -2pm  Massey Theatre, New Westminster, BC

Sunday, March 26 -2pm  Charles Bailey Theatre, Trail, BC

Monday, March 27 -10am  Nakusp Elementary, Nakusp, BC

Saturday, April 1 -3pm  Whistler Arts Council, Whistler, BC

Monday, April 3 -9am  Minnekhada Middle School, Port Coquitlam, BC

Tuesday, April 4 -9:30am  Rosser Elementary, Burnaby, BC

Tuesday, April 4 -1:30pm  Suncrest Elementary, Burnaby, BC

Wednesday, April 5 -9am  Dorothy Lynas Elementary, North Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, April 5 -9am  Hastings Elementary, Vancouver, BC

Friday, April 21 -1:30pm  Cayoosh & George M Murray Elementary, Lilloet, BC

Saturday, April 22 – Lilloet Music, Lilloet, BC (Til Death)

Sunday, April 30 -2pm  Vernon Performing Arts Centre, Vernon, BC

Sunday, April 30 -8pm  Vernon Performing Arts Centre, Vernon, BC (Til Death)

Wednesday, May 3 -9am  Dr F D Sinclair Elementary, Surrey, BC

Wednesday, May 3 -1:30pm  MB Sanford Elementary, Surrey, BC


Audition for The Canada Show!

Auditions for The Canada Show:

The Complete History of Canada in One Hour

Performance Dates: May 29-June 6, 2017 as part of the Vancouver Children’s Festival and the Theatre Wire Subscription Series, and Saskatoon International Children’s Festival. Fringe Tour July 15- Aug 27. Cities TBA.

Rehearsal Dates: May 8-26

Venue: The Revue Stage

Compensation: Fully paid, non-union

Audition Dates: November 23th 10am-3pm/November 24th-12pm-4pm

Email headshot/resume/what makes you proud to be Canadian to:

Contact Name: Maryanne Renzetti

Description: The Canada Show is a fast-paced TYA comedy compiling the history of our country into one hour of songs, sketches, and debates between three actors. It is highly physical, fast-paced material that requires young (however you choose to define that!), energetic performers who can move, sing and misbehave. The three characters have their own view of Canada’s history and fight to have their take represented.

Actor 1 The “straight man” or parental figure. Male. First Nation, Aboriginal, or Metis identifying. This character needs to be able to control the chaos of the show. Serious, passionate, and able to captivate the audience in an almost ringleader type role.

Actor 2 The English representative. Female. Open ethnicity. This character is trying to get English Canada’s history represented, as well as fighting for telling the stories of Canadian women in history. Mischievous, trouble-making, high-energy.

Actor 3 The French representative. Male. Open ethnicity. Must speak fluent French, ideally with a quebecois accent.This character is trying to get French Canada’s history represented, and resents being picked on by the other actors. Like actor 2 they are mischievous and high-energy but also tormented and resilient.


War and Peace at the Vancouver Fringe!

       War and Peace at the Vancouver Fringe!

           Skip the Book, See the Play!

Monster Theatre presents the world premiere of War and Peace, a one-man adaptation by 16 year Fringe veteran Ryan Gladstone. Join Ryan as he takes the audience on a journey through the greatest novel ever written, War and Peace, and the 632 characters it contains, as well as the life of Tolstoy himself. War and Peace runs as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 8-18, 2016 at The Carousel Theatre. 

War and Peace is the most written about novel of all time, and yet, its full meaning escapes us… until now! Over the course of re-enacting the story, Ryan tries to pinpoint the true meaning of the book. Bouncing between concepts like Tolstoy’s theories on the nature of history (“A king is history’s slave.”), success (“All success is a mirage.”), self-improvement (“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”), wisdom (“The only thing that we know is that we know nothing.”) and the power of love (“everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.”). In the end we realize that War and Peace’s true beauty lies in its 10 000 simple moments. Pierre sharing a potato. Andrei noticing the sky for the first time. Natasha climbing in bed with her mother to talk about a boy. Princess Marya holding her weeping father like a child.

In the irreverent, hilarious and immaculately researched Monster Theatre style, Gladstone sucks the audience in via the promise of the ridiculous and herculean task of portraying the entirety of the 1444 page tome using nothing more than a single actor, some funny voices and handful of sound effects. Over the course of the play however he slowly unravels the deeper meanings, the profound epiphanies, the relevancies to today and finding all the parallels to the tragic and triumphant echos in Tolstoy’s own life. Monster Theatre’s version of War and Peace straddles the line between comedy and tragedy, farce and sermon, low brow stand-up and history lesson. 

Ryan Gladstone soars as a solo performer. His comfort level with the material and the spotlight allows moments of spontaneity, giving each show a lot of life.”-Laura Glowacki, CBC Manitoba

 Ryan lives and works in Vancouver and holds an MFA in Directing from UBC.  This is his sixth solo play, in addition to No Tweed Too Tight, Every Story Ever Told, The Seven Lives of Louis Riel, Napoleon’s Secret Diary (also inspired by War and Peace) and Confessions of a Class Clown (Monster Theatre). Recent Directing credits: Hunter Gatherers (Staircase Theatre), Ubu Roi (UBC) and Hell of a Girl (rEvolver Festival). Recent Writing/Directing credits include Til Death: The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Who Killed Gertrude Crump?, Assassinating Thomson, Houdini’s Last Escape (Monster Theatre).

WAR_AND_PEACE_PROMO_PIC4Writer/performer Ryan Gladstone is super-skilled.”- Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Monster Theatre was founded by Ryan Gladstone in 2000 and has since created over 30 original productions, touring our award-winning works locally, regionally and nationally. The company started on the Canadian Fringe circuit, and quickly became known as one of Canada’s top Fringe companies. The focus eventually shifted towards creation & development, using the Fringe circuit to prepare the shows for main-stage productions at theatre companies & larger festivals across Canada, including Project X (Kelowna), Manitoba Theatre for Young People (Winnipeg) and Theatre SKAM (Victoria).

Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 8-18, 2016 | Dates & Times: Saturday September 10 7:45pm, Sunday September 11 5:45pm, Tuesday September 13 8:00pm, Thursday September 15 10:45pm, Friday September 16 6:00pm, Saturday September 17 7:45pm, Sunday September 18 2:00pm| Box Office:   Venue: Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright St., Vancouver BC |