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Mini Masterpieces on Tour!

Monster Theatre for Kids! is heading out on the road January/February 2011.

With shows in Vancouver, Richmond, Prince George, Quesnel, Kitimat, Terrace, Hazelton, Stewart, Williams Lake, Abbotsford and Burnaby!

This incarnation of Mini Masterpieces includes The Little Prince, Rumpelstiltskin and a Canadian Classic!

ALSO – The Shakespeare Show will be playing for High School audiences along the way!


Freud vs. his Ego HELD-OVER!

Winner of the Pick of the Fringe Award!

Freud is coming back to Vancouver for one-night only!  Sunday, September 26th @ 4:00pm.  For tickets go to

Last chance to catch the show before Bruce heads back to Toronto!


Freud coming to Vancouver!

Freud vs. his Ego

Coming to Vancouver!  Every single performance has been sold-out all summer long, plus every single performace for the last two years of Monster Theatre in Vancouver has been sold-out too!  SO GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY!!!

“…two actors playing one man engage in a comedic cage match inside the head of the world’s most famous shrink!” 4.5 Stars -Winnipeg Free Press

“A Twisted biography!” 4 Stars -CBC

New Revue Stage

1601 Johnston St,

Granville Island

Fri, Sep 10 @ 8:40pm
Sat, Sep 11 @ 10:40pm
Sun, Sep 12 @ 1:45pm
Tue, Sep 14 @ 9:45pm
Fri, Sep 17 @ 5:00pm
Sat, Sep 18 @ 3:30pm


Monster Theatre for Kids touring this Fall

Mini Masterpieces

“…extraordinary, hilarious, witty, engaging, perfect!” -Maria King, Teacher, Queen Mary Elementary

Featuring three hilarious adaptations of classics of literature (Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Alladdin, Owl’s in the Family) to get kids excited about reading!

Every year we create three brand new adaptations!  Past hits include 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, Anne of Green Gables, Peter Rabbit, The Little Prince, Rumpelstiltskin, Rip Van Winkle, and A Christmas Carol!

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Freud 4000

Monster Theatre’s new Video Game is here!  Play it now!

Freud 4000

It’s the year 4000, the Evil Gigantic Overlord (E.G.O.) has taken over the planet, there’s only one man who can stop it.  Scientists travel back to 1921 and bring back the Inventor of the Modern Mind – Sigmund Freud!


Freud Completely Sold-out run in Winnipeg

Freud vs. his Ego

Completely Sold out run in Winnipeg!

4.5 Stars – Winnipeg Free Press

Bruce Horak is Sigmund Freud.
Ryan Gladstone is Sigmund Freud.
The two actors playing one man engage in a comedic cage match inside the head of the famous shrink as they try to figure out just who Freud really is.
Utterly adept at slapstick, wordplay and sound effects, these two actors from Vancouver are hilariously in sync with each other and their audience in this quick and clever version of the “talking cure.”

4 Stars – CBC

This twisted biography of Sigmund Freud taught me more about the father of psycho-analysis than I’ve ever learned from a book or movie.

As Freud and his ego, Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak fire lightning-fast dialogue at each other, often in unison. There’s dancing, wrestling and some runaway penises (not real). It’s a romp!

HOT 103 Review

This is the best show I have seen so far at the Fringe! A hilarious show that follows Sigmund Freud as he battles with his newly detached ego to try and regain his memories and figure out his life before he dies, this two man show is not to be missed!