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No Tweed Too Tight

 No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery

Written by Ryan Gladstone with Bruce Horak
Directed by Bruce Horak
Starring Ryan Gladstone
Original Score by Drew Jurecka and Robbie Grunwald
Fight Choreography by Kevin Kruchkywich


More belligerent than an orangutan at a monkey shaving contest. More uncaring than a potato salad at a funeral.  As inexplicable as a… you wouldn’t understand.

The year is 1976. Grant Canyon is a perpetually inebriated insurance investigator.  Every scene starts with him coming to consciousness on an airplane with no pilots (or getting buried alive, or on a Russian sub), and every scene ends with him either getting knocked out or drinking himself into oblivion. In his few coherent moments he leaves a wake of dead bodies, satisfied ladies, and empty bottles as he staggers toward a shocking and fiery conclusion.

Well folks, they’ve done it again. Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak (co-creators of Freud vs. His Ego, The Canada Show and Jesus Christ: The Lost Years) have teamed up to create an intense hour of action, hilarity and mystery.  If you saw Fringe Show: A Love Story (“Play within a play within a play within a play doesn’t begin to describe it.” -VUE Weekly) or Freud vs. his Ego (“Comedic cage match inside the head of Sigmund Freud” -Winnipeg Free Press) then you know what complexities these two are capable of.  Add in their raunchiest, dirtiest, most offensive character yet and you’ve got a fringe hit!

In 2003, while researching and writing The Big Rock Show: The Complete History of the World, Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak (creator/performer of last year’s hit This Is Cancer) locked themselves in a cabin in the Kootenay mountains near Invermere, BC for three months.  They wrote a weekly improvised detective serial called ‘No Tweed Too Tight’.  Each week they would read over what had come before, and then try and get their hero into even more trouble.  Never planning how the thing might wrap up, they stumbled upon a fantastic surprise ending that they kept intact for the long-delayed stage version.

No Tweed Too Tight will be showing at:

Chilliwack Cultural Centre February 19 & 20, 2016

Evergreen Cultural Centre February 25-27, 2016