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The Seven Lives of Louis Riel

The Seven Lives of Louis Riel

Written by Ryan Gladstone
Directed by Karen Hamm
Featuring Ryan Gladstone
Original Score by Drew Jurecka

“Historians will riot when they hear Gladstone’s interpretations of the tales of Louis Riel!” -Winnipeg Sun

“Oh, and it’s totally hilarious too!” -Westender

“The idea is as brilliant as the execution is funny.” -CBC

The story of Canada’s most famous rebel told seven times, from seven different points of view, in seven different genres.
No one in the history of Canada (Perhaps the history of the world!) has generated more debate than Riel.  Even supposedly verifiable facts elude consensus.  He has somehow come to symbolize almost every group in Canada; French Canadians, the West, the First Nations, the Metis, and even his sworn enemy, Canada itself!  His incredible story is shown here like never before – betrayal, insanity, stand-offs, murder, espionage, prophecy, and John A. MacDonald!

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