Monster Theatre
Repackaging History and Mythology for todays audiences
Our People

Ryan Gladstone – Artistic Director
Founder and Artistic Director of Monster Theatre, Ryan is the creative force behind Monster Theatre, though he loves collaborating with brilliant artists.  Ryan has (with a few exceptions) written, produced and acted in every Monster Theatre production.  Here are the exceptions: The Macbeth Show (that was written by Shakespeare and adapted by Rebecca Northan), Lavinia (Tara wrote this one), and I think that’s it!  A graduate of the University of Calgary, and a 10 year veteran of Calgary’s world famous Loose Moose Theatre he is currently working as a writer, director, actor, and improviser in Vancouver. He is also an Artistic Associate of the Here Be Monsters Collective. Ryan is happily married to the beautiful and talented Michelle Field.


Tara Travis – Artistic Producer

Tara is an actor-writer-puppeteer.  She was ridiculously thrilled the day that Ryan asked her to be a part of the company! Select stage credits include Til Death, Houdini’s Last Escape, Lavinia: A Modern Fairy Tale of Gigantic Proportions, The Shakespeare Show and Mini Masterpieces (Monster Theatre), Leading Ladies (The Gateway Theatre), Volpone (United Players), Buss-A-Move (Performance Kitchen Theatre), and Werewolves (Pi Theatre). She is a co-founder and artistic director of Sticky Fingers Productions, with whom she has co-created and performed in Down the Drain (a puppet traumedy), Swamp Lake: a stormy puppet ballet and Fluffy 10th Street. She has animated Snuggle the softener bear, and was a Puppet Supervisor and screenwriter on the PBS show Mustard Pancakes. She is married to the best human ever, Jim Travis.


Maryanne Renzetti – General Manager

Maryanne is a graduate of the UBC’s BFA Acting program, as well as the BADA (Oxford, England). She is the Artistic Director of Staircase Theatre & is notable for her performances in Staircase’s Hunter Gatherers, Cocktails at Pam’s, Home Free, Evelyn Strange and Oh the Humanity. Other favorite roles include: Kate and Petruchio in two different versions of The Taming of the Shrew, The Gas Heart, Medea in Lois Anderson’s Medea, Sunna in Unity (1918) (Theatre at UBC), Nurse in The Verona Project (Stonesthrow).  She has been a freelance arts publicist in Vancouver for 6 years and has worked with Rumble Theatre, Solo Collective, Ruby Slippers Theatre, Itsazoo Theatre, Leaky Heaven Circus and The Cultch, to name a few.

Bruce Horak – Artistic Associate
Bruce has been involved in many Monster productions. As co-writer/actor in The Canada Show, The Big Rock Show, Fringe Show: A Love Story. As actor in Freud vs. his Ego and The MacBeth Show. As director for Confessions of a Class Clown. And as director and co-writer for Jesus Christ: The Lost Years. Bruce also is an award winning theatre for young people playwright. Hailing from Calgary, where he attended Mount Royal College, he is currently living in Toronto when not on tour. His solo show This is Cancer: Live! has received critical acclaim across the country.

Jeff Gladstone – Artistic Associate

Jeff’s first project with these gentlemen was a short film he wrote and directed with Ryan called “Kids in Space”. Jeff was 6, Ryan was 5 – the movie was heavily influenced by Star Wars. Since then Jeff has toured THE CANADA SHOW numerous times, co-written, produced and starred in THE BIG ROCK SHOW, and THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE. A graduate of the University of Calgary, he now resides in Vancouver. Jeff is also a musician, with two albums to his name. Visit his site for some samples of his music. Jeff also has two solo shows “Bouquets and Elegies” and “Lenny Breau: Live!”

Drew Jurecka
(Original Score Composer for Jesus Christ: The Lost Years, Napoleon’s Secret Diary, The Shakespeare Show, The Seven Lives of Louis Riel and Freud vs. his Ego)
He is a violin virtuoso who has played with various orchestra’s across the continent, the Hollywood Bowl and the Playboy Mansion – just to mention a few. Drew currently lives in Toronto indulging in a dirty little secret lifeplaying Jazz! (

Katherine Sanders
(Co-writer and performer in Monster Theatre’s first ever show Fairy Tale: The Choose Your Own Adventure Play, and co-writer and performer in Jesus Christ: The Lost Years)

Michelle Field
(Stage manager for The Canada Show, The Big Rock Show, Jesus Christ: The Lost Years, Napoleon’s Secret Diary, The Shakespeare Show, and The Seven Lives of Louis Riel)

John Schuett
(Webmaster, and creator of Jesus Christ: Zombie Slayer
and Freud 4000)

Rebecca Northan
(Director for The Canada Show and Adapter and Director of The Macbeth Show: F&%king With Shakespeare)

Mark Chavez
(Director for The History of the Future)

Albert Howell
(Actor in The Canada Show)

Aaron Olney Edelstein
(Co-creator and actor in the very first production of The Canada Show)

Sheldon Elter
(Actor in MTYP Production of The Canada Show)

Dennis Cahill
(Director of The Big Rock Show)
Artistic Director of Loose Moose Theatre.

Duval Lang
(Director of the first production of The Canada Show)

Derek Flores
(Actor in The Macbeth Show)

Alex Dallas
(Actor in The Macbeth Show)

Chris Gibbs
(Actor in The Macbeth Show)

Geoff Bouckley
(Lighting Designer for The History of the Future)