Monster Theatre
Repackaging History and Mythology for todays audiences
The History Trilogy

The Canada Show

The Complete History of Canada in One Hour

From its humble beginnings on the outdoor stage at Calgary’s Shakespeare in the Park to two critically acclaimed national Fringe Festival tours, to Montreals ‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy festival, this show has played across the country many times.

In an action-packed sixty minutes, Monster Theatre takes you on a hysterically historical joy-ride through 50,000 years of Canada.  Told from the point of view of three bickering historians – one English, one French and one just trying to keep the whole thing together.  Learn about parts of our history, few knew existed!  Including; the Acadian Civil War, the problem with the Bering Straight Theory and every single Prime Minister in our historyin Two Minutes!

Including hits like the ‘who’s on first team of Cabot and Costello, the Jacques Cartier Puppets, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Nobody Knows’, A ‘Conscription’ Carol starring William Lyon MacKenzie King, the Chicks of Canada, the FLQ crisis as a Hockey Game and, of course, a giant dancing beaver!

THE CANADA SHOW rights are available!

Written by Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak
Directed by Dave Lang (2001), Rebecca Northan (2002, 2006), Dave Horak (2002), and John Murphy (2007)
Featuring Bruce Horak, Ryan Gladstone and Aaron Olney, Albert Howell, Jeff Gladstone, Sheldon Elter.

The show is a verbal blitz on a subject many of us grew up thinking was too dull for words.  THE CANADA SHOW is a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek history lesson” -Bob Clark, The Calgary Herald

boundless energy, relentless irreverence, plus musical talent too.” -Martin Morrow, FFWD Magazine

“A gem of a show!” Ottawa Citizen

The cast is inventive and clever and the jokes come at you with the speed of a Rocket Richard slapshot.”  Edmonton Sun

History without the boring stuff!”  Calgary Sun

The Canada Show has really been the lifeblood of Monster Theatre for the last ten years.  It established us, and maintained our reputation… such as it is!  There has been a huge team of people who have worked on the show from the beginning.  The first version was written by Bruce Horak and myself.  The role of the straight man has been played by Aaron Olney, Albert Howell, Jeff Gladstone and Sheldon Elter.  It has been directed by Duve Lang, Rebecca Northan (twice!), Dave Horak, and John Murphy.  It has been performed on dozens of stages across Canada.
We tried to do two things with this play; make fun of absolutely everyone, and make the show a metaphor for Canada itself, the two solitudes bickering and arguing.  When we were developing it for a CBC TV special they said, ‘it’s too immature’, we said ‘we know you are, but what are we?!’.  What do you expect from a country that’s less than 200 years old?


The Complete History of the World

The history of the universe in only one hour!  A hilarious and irreverent musical romp through the history of our planet from the Big Bang to Saddam Hussein.

Including some of Monster Theatre’s funniest moments like The Beatles Gospels, Kermit Khan, Roach’s Corner with Ron and Don, Crusade Charades and who could ever forget ‘a French Man Like Me’.

The sequel to The Canada Show was equally successful on the fringe circuit and has since been presented by the Milk Festival in Toronto, Lunchbox Theatre and many more!

Written by Ryan Gladstone, Bruce Horak, Jeff Gladstone
Directed by Dennis Cahill
Featuring Jeff Gladstone, Bruce Horak, Ryan Gladstone

“These Guys are so good they make it look easy.” -Edmonton Journal

“Hilarious! 5 Stars” – Westender

I spent a total of 7 months committed to nothing but research for this project, it was awesome!  It included a three month retreat at the Gladstone family cabin with co-writers Jeff and Bruce where we researched, wrote and grew beard’s.  We skated into town across the lake for an hour once a week, and published a weekly
newsletter called the valley itch that can be found here.

The History of the Future

The History of the Future premiered at One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo.

Featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Time Machines and Brains in Jars!  After Ryan, Jeff and Bruce reveal that Monster Theatre was only their way to fund their true dream of being scientists – the boys unveil their time machine.  Once activated, everything goes horribly wrong Ryan is sent to a Future where Monster Theatre is worshipped like Gods, Bruce gets chased by aliens and ends up as a brain in a jar, while Jeff is transported directly to the apocalypse!

Written by Ryan Gladstone, Jeff Gladstone, Bruce Horak
Directed by Mark Chavez
Featuring Bruce Horak, Jeff Gladstone, Ryan Gladstone
Lighting and Set Design by Geoff Bouckley

“You guys are the weirdest!” -Michael Green, One Yellow Rabbit

Future, tragically, has only ever been performed three times!  We are all dying for the opportunity to put it back together and remount it somewhere.  Once again, research was key – we divided it into three elements, Ryan researched the near future, Bruce researched Science Fiction and Jeff researched the spiritual aspect of the future – and what we came up with, was weirder than anyone could have predicted!

We are dying to remount this show!  Somewhere, somehow, somewhy – The History of the Future will live again!