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Short adaptations of Classics of Literature to help get kids excited about reading!

Using puppetry, masks, improv, original songs, physical comedy, satire good old-fashioned storytelling, we will expose young audiences to classics of literature from around the World! Featuring bookish Bruce and clownish Tara, we present the stories in a way that gets kids excited to dive into books themselves, and perhaps even to try and adapt their favourite books in the Monster Theatre style!


Written by Ryan Gladstone and Tara Travis
Now Featuring Bruce Horak and Tara Travis
Directed by Ryan Gladstone

“Your performance at Queen Mary was extraordinary, hilarious, witty, engaging, perfect. It was a most memorable, enjoyable performance, my sides hurt because I laughed to much!” -Maria King, Teacher, Queen Mary Elementary

“You’re funny!” -Toby, Age 6

Awakening young minds to the joys of reading!
Each performance consists of three classics of literature miniaturized into 15 minute adaptations with puppets, songs, masks, dance, satire, physical theatre, and audience participation.

Coming 2012/2013
Featuring Bruce Horak and Tara Travis
Directed by Ryan Gladstone

Rapunzel, by the Brothers Grimm
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne
Aesop’s Fables

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LAVINIA: A Modern Fairy Tale of Gigantic Proportions

A one-woman play about a girl who is too huge for ballet, too huge for her house, and whose imagination is simply too huge for her own good. She delves deep into her own imaginary world, goes on an incredible adventure, rescues The Golden Swan, and learns that everyone belongs! Ages 5+

Written and Performed by Tara Travis
Directed by Ryan Gladstone

“An imaginative fairy-tale adventure that keeps audiences of all sizes hooked along the way with her charmingly sheepish demeanor, exaggerated physical antics, eccentric puppet friends and unexpected guest stars. You’ll grow to love her in a big way!”

-Winnipeg Sun

For booking information, contact Tara Travis, Artistic Producer.

Confessions of a Class Clown (2005)

Written and performed by Ryan Gladstone, directed byBruce Horak. It’s Monster Theatre vs. The Education System! True stories from Ryan’s sordid and hilarious relationship with school. Nominated for BEST PRODUCTION at the 2005 Montreal Fringe.

“A quirky and strangely warm-hearted tale about a society that prescribes ritalin at the first signs of individuality.  Masterful storytelling!” 4.5 Stars -Montreal Gazette

5 Stars! -Edmonton Journal

Confessions is still touring to Secondary Schools across BC.

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