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Take a trip inside the mind of Sigmund Freud with Monster Theatre!

He’s got one hour left to live, his psyche has split in two – can the ‘inventor of the modern mind’ become a complete person before time runs out?

Find out in this brand new, hilarious Penis…(I mean)…Comedy!

Completely sold-out run in Winnipeg!

Written by Ryan Gladstone
Starring Bruce Horak and Ryan Gladstone
Dramaturgy by Bruce Horak

Original Score by Drew Jurecka

Check out FREUD 4000 the video game here!!

It’s the year 4000, the Evil Gigantic Overlord (E.G.O.) has taken over the planet, there’s only one man who can stop it.  Scientists travel back to 1921 and bring back the Inventor of the Modern Mind – Sigmund Freud!

The Seven Lives of Louis Riel

The story of Canada’s most famous rebel told 7 times, from 7 different points of view, in 7 different genre’s.
No one in the history of Canada (Perhaps the history of the world!) has generated more debate than Riel. Even supposedly verifiable facts elude consensus. He has somehow come to symbolize almost every group in Canada; French Canadians, the West, the First Nations, the Metis, and even his sworn enemy, Canada itself! His incredible story is shown here like never before – betrayal, insanity, stand-offs, murder, espionage, prophecy, and John A. MacDonald!

Written by Ryan Gladstone
Directed by Karen Hamm
Featuring Ryan Gladstone
Original Score by Drew Jurecka

“Historians will riot when they hear Gladstone’s interpretations of the tales of Louis Riel!” -Winnipeg Sun

“Oh, and it’s totally hilarious too!” -Westender

“The idea is as brilliant as the execution is funny.” -CBC

LAVINIA: A Modern Fairy Tale of Gigantic Proportions

A one-woman play about a girl who is too huge for ballet, too huge for her house, and who’s imagination is simply too huge for her own good. She delves deep into her own imaginary world, goes on an incredible adventure, and learns that everyone belongs! Ages 5+

Written and Performed by Tara Travis
Directed by Ryan Gladstone

“An imaginative fairy-tale adventure that keeps audiences of all sizes hooked along the way with her charmingly sheepish demeanor, exaggerated physical antics, eccentric puppet friends and unexpected guest stars. You’ll grow to love her in a big way!” -Winnipeg Sun

Touring BC schools Fall 2010 (under the title ‘Lavinia’s Large Problem’)

Or; How an illiterate son of a Glover became the Greatest Playwright in the World (2008)

photo by Jim TravisA Tragical History and Lamentable Comedy

How did an illiterate son of a Glover become the Greatest Playwright in the history of the World? He got someone else to write the plays!

Monster Theatre takes their usual irreverent tone as they turn the Bard over in his grave in this…The only play ever actually written by William Shakespeare!

Mini Masterpieces (2008)

Awakening young minds to the joys of reading!
Each performance consists of three classics of literature miniaturized into 15 minute adaptations with puppets, songs, masks, dance, satire, physical theatre, and audience participation.

Touring BC schools April and May 2009.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
20 000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving
The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen
Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery

Touring Spring 2010!
Rumpelstiltskin by The Brothers Grimm
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain
Alladdin’s Wonderful Lamp from the 1001 Nights
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (back by popular demand!)


What if Napoleon was the accident of history?

The Greatest Man in the History of the World – the man who conquered half the world, who tamed the wild Creole Josephine, who led the largest army to ever walk the face of the earth, who faced seven international coalitions, the man who invented canned food! Imagine him as a low-status, bumbling fool. A sort of cross between Bob Newhart and Inspector Clouseau! Created and Performed by Ryan Gladstone. Directed by Jeff Gladstone, Kevin James, Jonno Katz, France Perras and TJ Dawe.

This five foot nothing of a conqueror – performed by the energetic Ryan Gladstone – works wonders in a minimalist setting. Gladstone delivers a giant performance. **** ” – EYE Weekly

Writer/performer Ryan Gladstone plays the little general with vulnerability, total charm, and dead-on comic chops… ***** (5 Bars) ” – CBC Winnipeg

It’s French History as Filtered through Chuck Jones! Brilliant!” – Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years (2006)

Ever wonder what Jesus was really up between the ages 13 and 30? Or how Jesus reacted when told – “Joseph isn’t your real father!” Find out in Monster Theatre’s latest “historically hilarious” extravaganza! Puppets! Masks! Songs! Sacrilege! Created and Performed by Bruce Horak, Katherine Sanders and Ryan Gladstone. Directed by Ryan Gladstone

“…let’s just say that comic acting – in the Fringe or anywhere else – doesn’t get better than this. NNNNN” – NOW Magazine

“Not only one of the most deft pieces of physical comedy I have ever seen – it is as subtle as it is funny, and as literate as it is energetic and frantic!”
5 Stars -SEE Magazine

“Nothing short of a Comic Miracle”
-National Post

The History of the Future (2006)

Follow Monster Theatre through a wild ride into the future! Featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Time Machines and Brains in Jars! After Ryan, Jeff and Bruce reveal that Monster Theatre was only their way to fund their true dream of being scientists – the boys unveil their time machine. Once activated, everything goes horribly wrong Ryan is sent to a Future where Monster Theatre is worshipped like Gods, Bruce gets chased by aliens and ends up as a brain in a jar, while Jeff is transported directly to the apocalypse!

Written and Performed by Ryan Gladstone, Bruce Horak and Jeff Gladstone.
Directed by Mark Chavez (pajama men)

THE CANADA SHOW: The Complete History of Canada in One Hour

Monster Theatre’s biggest Hit.

THE CANADA SHOW started as an outdoor show at Calgary’s Shakespeare in the Park, but has since toured or been presented by Just For Laughs, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Second City Toronto, Kaleidoscope Theatre, Lunchbox Theatre and many others!

Including hits like Cabot and Costello, the Jacques Cartier Puppets, Leonard’s ‘Nobody Knows’, the Chicks of Canada and, of course a giant dancing beaver!

Who knew Canada was so darn interesting?

“History Without the Boring Stuff!” -Vue Weekly (Edmonton)

The Big Rock Show: The Complete History of the World in One Hour (2003)

The history of the universe in only one hour! A hilarious and irreverent musical romp through the history of our planet. An entertaining and educational trip from the Big Bang to Saddam Hussein.
Including some of Monster Theatre’s funniest moments like The Beatles Gospels, Kermit Khan, Roach’s Corner with Ron and Don, Crusade Charades and who could ever forget ‘a French Man Like Me’.

“These Guys are so good they make it look easy.”
-Edmonton Journal


Written and performed by Ryan Gladstone, directed byBruce Horak. It’s Monster Theatre vs. The Education System! True stories from Ryan’s sordid and hilarious relationship with school. Nominated for BEST PRODUCTION at the 2005 Montreal Fringe.

“A quirky and strangely warm-hearted tale about a society that prescribes ritalin at the first signs of individuality.  Masterful storytelling!” 4.5 Stars -Montreal Gazette

5 Stars! -Edmonton Journal

Confessions is still touring to Secondary Schools across BC.

This hilarious one-man show tours with nothing more than different coloured socks, a clown-nose, and, of course, a fart machine!

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Fringe Show: A Love Story (2004)

The ‘Spinal Tap’ of the Fringe. The behind-the-scenes true story of the Canadian Fringe tour performed in every Fringe Theatrical convention imaginable. Fast, Funny and for Fringe lovers and Fringe first-timers alike.

“Delivering laugh upon delicious laugh to thunderous applause – this is what the fringe is all about Clever, Fast-paced and Imaginative.”
5 Stars! -Winnipeg Sun


The Macbeth Show: Shakespeare Without the Boring Stuff (2004)

A “fly by the seat of your pants” production! Distilled to the essential; a bloody, scary story of a man who goes too far – a version that takes 5 actors, 2 extras, and 75 minutes, and gives you a Macbeth that is alive, dark, and f*#king funny. Using a mix of masks, puppets, and old-fashioned backstage chaos.

“A gross-out excess of bleeding orifices and baby entrails: exactly what Shakespeare would have wanted.” -EYE Weekly

“Top Ten shows of 2004 – Bloody Good!” -NOW Magazine

FairyTale: The Choose Your Own Adventure Play (2000)

Monster Theatre’s first ever play! Follow Granny, the Wicked Witch, and the Little German Boy, as they improvise their way through a fairly tale created live by the audience.