Til Death: The Six Wives of Henry VIII makes it’s Toronto debut!

After 7 years of the rest of the country falling in love with Tara Travis and Monster Theatre’s best play, it’s time to bring it TO!

Tarragon Mainspace 30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto

July 5th-13th TICKETS!

Six Queens.  Six Love stories.  Six Deaths.  One Actress!

It all starts in the afterlife, in a bizarre waiting room of sorts. One by one, the wives of Henry VIII arrive, much to the shock and dismay of each previous wife. What culminates is a heated frenzy of an ex-wives club where these women swap stories, toss Anne Boleyn’s head around, pick on the ugly German one, and, most importantly, fight for the right to be acknowledged as Henry’s true bride and eternal partner.

But when Henry arrives…everything changes.

★★★★★ “…one of the most impressive acting feats in the festival!”

– Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

“Tara Travis is an immense talent. Go see this show and you will find yourself in heaven.

Comedy heaven that is.”-umfm.com


Written and Directed by Ryan Gladstone

Starring Tara Travis

Original Score by Drew Jurecka and Robbie Grunwald

Costume Design by Adam Dickson

Fight Choreography by Kevin Kruchkywich


Electronic Press Package


Monster Theatre is presenting partner for LARRY at the rEvolver Festival

Can a man get in touch with his femininity without losing his balls?

It’s your ol’ pal Larry! He’s “no idiom”, and he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s handier than a pocket on the back of a shirt. He wants to prove that he’s worthy of a good woman, that he can quit drinkin’ and even take up “medertation”.

Bold, smart and f@#king funny, It turns out that LARRY’s internal trip is more terrifying than he ever thought was possible.

A unique, world class, moving piece of theatre, comedy, and dance.” – Annette Loiselle, Artistic Director SkirtsAfire Festival, Edmonton
Strobe, nudity, coarse language
Created and Performed by Candice Roberts
Co-directed by Candice Roberts, Deanna Fleysher and Kat Single-Dain
Dramaturg by Deanna Fleysher

May 31-June 2

Here is a link to the Facebook event



JOB POSTING: General Manager

Come work for Monster Theatre!!!


Job Title: General Manager

Job start date: 5/1/2019

Submission Deadline: 4/19/19 (deadline moved to April 19th!!!)

Submission Email: ryan@monstertheatre.com [ryan AT monstertheatre DOT com]

Salary / Compensation: $600 for approximately 30 hours per month

First name: Ryan

Last name: Gladstone

Additional information:

Monster Theatre is seeking interested, experienced and enthusiastic candidates for a General Manager to lead the organization into its 20th anniversary season and beyond. This company is based in Vancouver, BC.

This is a permanent part-time position of approximately 8 hours per week. Successful applicants will be required to manage their own working hours, and some weeks will require more and some less. The first month will be a training period working in concert with the outgoing GM. Start date is flexible pending candidate availability.

Reporting to and working together with the Artistic Director, the General Manager will lead the theatre’s administrative, fundraising and managerial functions within the context of policies defined by the Board of Directors.



Overview: Working in a collaborative team with the Artistic Director, the General Manager plays a vital role in implementing Monster Theatre’s artistic programming and vision. The position requires someone who is a self-starter who will be able to manage their own time and productivity. Monster Theatre, at this point, does not have an office, therefore all work must be completed independently. Time requirements vary from week to week and month to month. The GM oversees operational management, fundraising, grant-writing, tour coordination and company marketing efforts.

Responsibilities include:

Fundraising: Overseeing the theatre’s earned revenue strategies. Developing the theatre’s relationships with funders. Keeping an overview of all upcoming possible grants and preparing, over-seeing and submitting all applications. Primary grant-writing responsibility rests on the Artistic Director. Assisting in creating and maintaining budgets.

Tour Coordination: Pitching shows to presenters to set up tours. Coordinating with Artstarts and Pacific Contact, in order to set up successful annual tours of our TYA shows. Ensuring schedule is set and arranged properly and in accordance with our policies. Communicating with all presenters to ensure all is set for their upcoming shows.

General: Being a daily ambassador for the organization. Exploring and developing new creative and financial partnerships with a variety of arts and cultural organizations. Updating/maintaining Monster’s website and Show Calendar. Managing Monster Theatre’s online presence over all our social media platforms. Developing and implementing a strategic plan for the companies future.



The successful candidate will be an experienced, capable and enthusiastic manager who is willing to learn and adapt and able to work in a co-management leadership culture. In addition to being a passionate advocate for the performing arts, the ideal candidate will have:

-Arts management qualifications or related training and experience

-Significant experience in theatre, arts or not-for-profit sectors

-Fundraising experience

-Organizational and time management skills with ability to multitask, set priorities and meet deadlines

-Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills

-Proven ability to work positively and constructively with staff, artists, contractors, Board and volunteers

-Flexibility and adaptability to assist with new projects, challenges and technologies as they arise

-Ability to take initiative and work in a self-directed manner

Monster Theatre strongly encourages Expressions of Interest from potential candidates who possess some but not all of the above qualifications but are highly motivated to learn and grow in a dynamic artistic organization.


Ethno-cultural statement:

Monster Theatre believes it is essential that our workplace be inclusive and diverse. We strongly encourage applications from applicants from all backgrounds.



Please submit a cover letter and resume expressing your interest and qualifications by Monday April 1st, midnight PST, to ryan@monstertheatre.com [ryan AT monstertheatre DOT com] (with the subject “General Manager”) For further information, please visit www.monstertheatre.com or email Monster Theatre at gm@monstertheatre.com [gm AT monstertheatre DOT com].



Monster Theatre was founded in 2000 and has since created over 35 original productions, touring our award-winning works locally, regionally and nationally. The company started on the Canadian Fringe circuit, and quickly became known as one of Canada’s top Fringe companies. The focus eventually shifted towards creation & development, using the Fringe circuit to prepare original plays for main-stage productions at theatres & larger festivals across Canada. Since 2006 Monster Theatre has been developing and touring original TYA productions across BC and sometimes into other provinces and territories. Monster Theatre develops at least one original play a year, as well as tours previous productions extensively across Canada.  www.monstertheatre.com



Monster Theatre strives to create original plays that change the world by delighting, inspiring, challenging and provoking audiences across the globe.


Monster Theatre creates original plays that challenge preconceptions, excite imaginations and embody the way of the Monster: strange, twisted and bizarre on the outside, but always with a noble heart. Our process puts story first by adapting universal stories to make them relevant for our specific time and place in the world, or re-imagining history with impeccable research and utter irreverence.

Our unique brand of theatre applies the philosophy and techniques of improvisation during both the creation process and in performance, the results are fast-paced, physical, loose, cerebral and often, but not always, comedic.

Monster Theatre produces work that engages the hearts, brains and guts of all audiences; comedies that excite intellectuals, histories that shock teenagers, and theatre for young audiences that makes adults roll on the floor laughing.




JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years in Vancouver March 13-23

Our summer’s smash hit JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years
is coming to Vancouver.
Playing at the Havana Theatre March 13-23.

“Not only one of the most deft pieces of physical comedy I have ever seen – it is as subtle as it is funny, and as literate as it is energetic and frantic!”

5 STARS -SEE Magazine

“Nothing Short of a Comic Miracle!”
5 STARS -National Post



Juliet: A Revenge Comedy

What if JULIET doesn’t kill herself?!

Juliet: A Revenge Comedy follows Juliet as she tears herself from the pages of the narrative determined to alter her fate. With dagger in hand, Juliet wanders through the cannon and recruits a team of Shakespeare’s renowned female characters to confront their creator: William Shakespeare himself! This comedic adventure follows Juliet on an epic journey, as she reclaims her possible (fated) demise through quill fights, witches and a climactic battle!

Written by first time Monster PIPPA MACKIE and RYAN GLADSTONE.

Directed by Ryan Gladstone.

Starring long-time Monster CARLY POKORADI as well as Pippa and Ryan.

Keep following Monster Theatre for lots more info about this exciting project!


THEATRE UNDER THE GUN was a huge success!

A massive thanks to everyone who came and partook in THEATRE UNDER THE GUN on February 9th. Here are some awesome pics.


Grant Canyon is off to Nova Scotia

No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery is headed to the Astor Theatre in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. It’s been almost five years since the last Canyon tour, and boy is he out of shape! If you know anyone around Liverpool Nova Scotia, then send them this way for some laughs.

Astor Theatre, March 16th – TICKETS


TIL DEATH Feb 5th in Vancouver

One of our very best is playing two performances at the Havana Theatre before heading on the road to Nova Scotia.


The Betrayed wife.  The Scheming wife. The Peacemaker.  The Ugly German. The Slutty one. The One in love with someone else.

Six Queens.  Six Love stories.  Six Deaths. One Actress!


“The idea is as brilliant as the execution is funny.” 5 stars -CBC

“An incredibly rich, dizzying experience that should not be missed.” -BENT

“Ingenious, Dazzling and Amazing!” 4 stars  -Edmonton Journal

”Monster Theatre are Canada’s ablest fact-benders and history-skewerers. Gladstone’s script is a lesson in crowd-pleasing wit.” 4 ½ stars –SEE






Mariam Barry, Omari Newton, Gavan Cheema, Celia Aloma, Missy D, Donald Sales, Chris Francisque

Dope Hearts Theatre is a brand new theatre collaboration for Black creatives. Born from a shared vision to see more Black voices on our stages, we are a group of melanin poppin’ artists who’ll be teaming up for the first time at Theatre Under The Gun. For this 48hr showdown our artists consist of Celia Aloma, Mariam Barry, Missy D, Chris Francisque, Omari Newton, Donald Sales, with Gavan Cheema as our director. This will be the first of many exciting works from Dope Hearts Theatre. So come ride with us in celebration of a new and electric voice to our theatre scene. Dope hearts. Dope theatre.



David Bloom, Masae Day, Matthew Kowalchuck and Panthea Vatandoost


Palimpsest is an ad hoc collective of theatre artists, many of whom still have not met each other. In the spirit of Theatre Under The Gun, they are coming together to create an interdisciplinary piece which will be as much of a surprise to them as to the audience.



Chris Ross, Tia Glenn-Cooke, Travis Bernhardt, Julia Lank, Patrick Dodd, Kai Rudell, Zach Wolfman


We CAN’T WAIT to see what work emerges from this ad hoc supergroup of actors, musicians, improvisers, magicians, and clowns! Their past work includes talking rabbits that judge the audience, shows that consist entirely of verbal descriptions of food, improvised church services for religions made up on the spot, live anime, drunk Shakespeare, and Vancouver’s most beloved mime horse.



Jackie Blackmore, Susanne Moniz de Sa, Yumi Ogawa, Laura Jaszcz, Catherine Falkner.

Tight Corset Theatre Company was formed in 1999 as a platform to foster and support women artists to write, workshop & produce original comedic theatre works. Veteran performers of the Vancouver & Victoria Fringe Festivals and Theatre Under The Gun, their award-winning past shows include Saucy Bits, The Good Time Girls, Dumb Blind Luck, Awkward & Ways to Woo Enrigué.



Claire Love Wilson, Ali Froggatt, Sarah Ferguson, Lili Beaudoin, Amy Shostack

Since its inception 4 years ago, Sour Dog Theatre has produced over 50 improv shows (including 4 original formats), 2 Canadian Fringe Festival runs, The Canmore International Improv Festival, and 4 scripted play productions. Our mandate is to create work that explores what connects and disconnects us as human beings. With a strong value for honest storytelling we are constantly on the search for universal truth within the human experience. We strive to create theatrical experiences that are playful, poignant and professional, whether it be improvisation or scripted work.




Keara Barnes, Matthew McDonald-Bain, Jamie King, Jalen Slip

‘Your Favourite People’ is a collective of award winning professional theatre artists who are excited to collaborate fast and furiously on this project.



Valerie Cotic, Cory Thibert, Jeff Leard, Al Lafrance, Devon More


Cause For Concern is Valerie Cotic (new best friend), Al Lafrance (Thunder Blunder), Devon More (Devon More Music), Jeff Leard (Active Salad), and Cory Thibert (May Can Theatre). We are an ad hoc group of artists with different artistic backgrounds from all across the country who met on the Canadian Fringe circuit and all eventually ended up being neighbours here in Vancouver.